Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lakeside Graffiti Pt. 2






All images come from Delete's flickr.

Quasimoto And Madvillain Paper Toys

Quasimoto Cubeecraft paper toy with brick & cigarette, made by Rbst

Download the Quasimoto template from HERE.

Madvillain Cubeecraft paper toy with removeable mask, made by Rbst

Download the Madvillain template from HERE.


Guerilla Art Book & DVD Launch Party

Guerilla Art book and DVD launch will be at Pure Evil's gallery tonight. Check the flyer for more details on times for the screening etc.

Pure Evil Gallery,
108 Leonard st,
London EC2A 4XS

Gallery Hours:
10am - 6pm daily
or by appointment.


i-Lib Show At Stella Dore



For his first, much anticipated solo show 'As Teardrops Fall', I-lib (I Lurk In Bushes) depicts strange anthropomorphic creatures from another world in situations that will conjure up captivating visions of love, hate, life and death. Using a whole host of media, from his nostalgic Victorian style illustrations and paintings, to sculptures and installations, created using an arsenal of ink, spray-paint, charcoal and graphite worked on to old discarded material such as wood and paper. The textures, patterns and distressed/decayed look convey an enigmatic and wonderful body of work.

This work will be set in the gallery, which will be transformed into a feral woodland world of folk tale!

Private View: 7th May 2009 : 6pm – 9pm
Show Runs: 8th – 23rd May 2009 :

Stella Dore Gallery
47 Rivington Street
Tues – Sat 11am – 6pm
+44 (0)2077393004

For RSVP Guest List please email

Identity Crisis Show At Shiv Gallery

Shiv gallery launch - sister gallery to Cosh. It opens on the 30th of April (Opening 7-9pm) with our 1st show 'Identity Crisis' and a cracking line-up which includes Slinkachu, Mode2, Miss Bugs, Mudwig, M-City, Joe Black, Pure Evil, Dain, Ben Frost and others. Featuring all new work from each artist.
The website will be launched on the night of the show...

If you wish to attend please RSVP -

69 Berwick Street
Tel – 020 7287 7758

Swine Flu Remedy

VZT sent me this 5 minutes ago. The one and only remedy to the 'potential pandemic' of Swine Flu. Seriously, the media need to chill; the way they cause a stir/panic is disgraceful.

Oliver And Company Cartoon

Oliver And Company CartoonsOliver And Company Cartoons

Oliver And Company Funny cartoonOliver And Company Funny cartoon

Oliver And Company Cartoon FamilyOliver And Company Cartoon Family

The Lion King Cartoons

The Lion King cartoonsThe Lion King cartoons

The Lion King Cartoon FamilyThe Lion King Cartoon Family

The Lion King Funny CartoonThe Lion King Funny Cartoon

Pinocchio Cartoons

Pinocchio CartoonsPinocchio Cartoons

Pinocchio Funny cartoonPinocchio Funny cartoons

Pinocchio so SweetiePinocchio so Sweetie

The Jungle Book cartoon

The Jungle Book CartoonsThe Jungle Book Cartoons

The Jungle Book Funny CartoonThe Jungle Book Funny Cartoon

The Jungle Book Cartoon CharacterThe Jungle Book Cartoon Character

The fox and the Hound Cartoon

The fox and the Hound CartoonThe fox and the Hound Cartoon

The fox and the Hound Funny CartoonThe fox and the Hound Funny Cartoon

The fox and the Hound so SweetieThe fox and the Hound so Sweetie

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspector Gadget Cartoon Hero

Inspector Gadget Cartoon HeroInspector Gadget Cartoon Hero

Inspector Gadget The bladeInspector Gadget The blade

Inspector Gadget and TeamInspector Gadget and Team

Tinkerbell little Sweet

Tinkerbell little SweetTinkerbell little Sweet

Tinkerbell from Pixie HallowTinkerbell from Pixie Hallow

Tinkerbell so SweetieTinkerbell so Sweetie

Rainbow Brite Anime Cartoon by Hallmark Cards

Rainbow Brite Anime Cartoon by Hallmark CardsRainbow Brite Anime Cartoon by Hallmark Cards

Rainbow Brite Cute AnimeRainbow Brite Cute Anime

Rainbow Brite Cute CartoonRainbow Brite Cute Cartoon

Optimus Prime Change Poster

Made me chuckle when I saw this in my inbox..

Barnaby Barford: The Good, The Bad, The Belle

In his new collection, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Belle’, artist Barnaby Barford has transformed antique porcelain figures into badly behaved teenage hooligans. Barford uses antique porcelain models purchased for pennies from car boot sales and charity shops as a base for his collection. He dismantles them and then gives them a dramatic and unique facelift.


DJ Baku JAPADAPTA Album Inspiration

DJ Baku is one of Japan's greatest turntablists and is highly regarded on the same level as DJ Krush or DJ Kentaro. His new mixtape album, entitled "JAPADAPTA" is out very soon and in an interview he said that the inspiration for the name came from the Japanese Web Mag, UKADAPTA!!!! Imagine how happy we were when we watched the interview and heard him say it! He liked the idea of how we try and connect the Japanese audience with British creativity and wanted to do the same thing in his own way for the Japanese audience......BIG UP to DJ Baku!!

DJ Baku started DJing in 1994 at age 16, and at 17 formed the short-lived group "Hannya" with MCs Rumi and Yoshi. Finding it difficult to enter battles or get club appearances with his "harsh" scratching style, he decided to focus on releasing mixtapes through which he could express his message. In 1999 he set up the Dis-Defense Disc label in order to release these mixtapes, starting with the "Kaikoo With Scratch" tape for which he became famous.

He becomes more popular by the year in Japan, and has since released "Kaikoo DVD", a documentary on underground Japanese hiphop, organised a series of "Kaikoo" events, and in 2006 released his first album "Spin Heddz" on the label Pop Group. His second album "DHARMA DANCE" came out in 2008.

Check out more of his wicked wicked sounds HERE.

Lego Mecha With Opening Hatch

Behold, one of the greatest inventions known to man; Lego and its infinite creative possibilities. Brian Kescenovitz kills it with not just any old mecha, but one with a spring loaded hatch, with Lego pilot inside. Tiny but classy goodness!

The mecha is known as the UM5 War Doll and is influenced by the VS suits worn in the game Lost Planet.