Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi CartoonsHiruzen Sarutobi Cartoons

Hiruzen Sarutobi Cartoons ImageHiruzen Sarutobi Cartoons Image

Hiruzen Sarutobi Cartoons WallpaperHiruzen Sarutobi Cartoons Wallpaper

Barbie Fairytopia

Barbie Fairytopia wallpaperBarbie Fairytopia Wallpaper

Bibble Barbie Fairytopia Bibble Barbie Fairytopia

Bibble and Barbie Fairytopia Bibble And Barbie Fairytopia

Them Thangs Zine The New Dark Age

“Amsterdam via LA transplant Justin Blyth has just released the first issue of Them Thangs magazine entitled The New Dark Age. Expanding on the themes of his blog them-thangs.com, the zine showcases work from 13 artists and photographers including Erik Brunetti, William Eadon, Corey Smith, Mark Maggiori and Todd Tourso. Disguised as a tiny zine, the mag folds out into a massive 24″ x 33″ double sided poster filled with imagery that your mother surely would not approve of.”

Good to see that Justin is actually working with artists...when I first heard about this, I thought he was just pilfering stuff off the web to sell. Glad I was wrong...Buy The New Dark Age HERE

Twist in Manhattan

What a handstyle!!! Who can top TWIST'S work?


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hinata Hyuga Shippuden

Hinata Hyuga ShippudenHinata Hyuga Shippuden

Hinata Hyuga Shippuden CartoonsHinata Hyuga Shippuden Cartoons

Hinata Hyuga Shippuden Cartoons NarutoHinata Hyuga Shippuden Cartoons Naruto

Barbie Diamond Castle

Barbie Diamond Castle CartoonsBarbie Diamond Castle Cartoons

Dogs Barbie Diamond Castle Cartoons Dogs Barbie Diamond Castle Cartoons

Barbie Diamond Castle Wallpaper Barbie Diamond Castle Wallpaper

M-City and Ozmo Collaboration

This is an incredible collaboration between streetartists, M-City and Ozmo, created in the city of Gdansk in Poland....


Gojin Ishihara Book Art

Gojin Ishihara is a Japanese artist who specialised in macabre, scary and downright disturbed imagery for mainly childrens books in Japan during the 70's and 80's. If I was a child seeing this, I think that this artist would have given me nightmares for years to come! His illustrations are both grotesque & fascinating and had me actually thinking of trying to buy some of the publications he has worked on...

Kappa (river imp), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Jorōgumo (lit. "whore spider"), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Tenjō-sagari (ceiling dweller), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Burning Hell (Illustrated Book of Hell, 1975)

Demons of the Orient (The Complete Book of Demons, 1974)

Kaiketsu Lion-Maru (sonosheet book, 1972)

Kaiketsu Lion-Maru (sonosheet book, 1972)

The secretary who spied for 18 years (from Spy Wars)

Check out Pinktentacle's post to see even more pages from his various publications...[VIA]

Boy Soldiers Group Show by Schoony

Boy Soldiers by Schoony
02,09,2010 - 16,09,2010

A collaboration of over 30 street, contemporary and fine artists who have customised Schoony's iconic "Boy Soldier" in an exhibition that will spark high emotion in this time of political war.

Guest Artists:
Goldie, D*Face, Dan Baldwin, Matt Small, Mau Mau, Inkie, David Bray, Dotmasters, Joe Rush, BEST EVER, INSA, Carrie Reichardt, Nick Reynolds, John Nolan, Haruka Irie, K-GUY, PEN1, Grafter, SnugOne, Part2ism, Jon Braley, Slice, Fin DAC, Matt Web, T.Wat, Lost Monkey, Leeks, 284Cru, DON, Snub23, oliver Guy Watkins, Jon Braley, GWARM, Carleen de Sozer, Liliwenn, WOB, Gracie Defries, Pa Pa Schoon & more

Blackall Studios
73 Leonard Street

Boy Soldiers: Group Show by Schoony from HARUKA IRIE on Vimeo.

Check out the promo vid that UKADAPTA's Irieman made.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hinata Hyuga and Naruto

Hinata Hyuga and Naruto Funny CartoonsHinata Hyuga and Naruto Funny Cartoons

Hinata Hyuga and NarutoHinata Hyuga and Naruto

Hinata Hyuga and Naruto CartoonsHinata Hyuga and Naruto Cartoons

Barbie 12 Dancing

Barbie 12 DancingBarbie 12 Dancing

Barbie 12 Dancing CartoonsBarbie 12 Dancing Cartoons

Barbie 12 Dancing CartoonsBarbie 12 Dancing Cartoons


I developed this app with Skinner a while back and after some issues with apple taking offense to images in the app, it is finally approved. ;)

This application is the first of its kind. A documentation of the strange and esoteric exploits of a psychedelic visionary. His music, paintings, and comedic commentary of contemporary life. Having shown his work in the museum of contemporary art in Rome to the world class gallery of White Walls in San Francisco, his bizarre installations and impressions of the tumult and horror of the convenience of modern life are now spreading at an exponential rate, to disturb all sections of the globe. This application will be updated as the exploits of Skinner expand, As the travels, shows, cartoons, and music evolve with the exploration he undertakes in his quest to journey further into the undiscovered realms of the absurd and challenging matter of reality.

 It consists of over 200 of Skinners paintings as well as music and videos, the app will be updated as Skinner creates.

get it here for $1.99

Sardinia Graffiti Pt. 1

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I have been in Sardinia enjoying the 300+ beaches that this Italian island has to offer. Here a few pics of any graff I could find on our travels. It wasn't the best stuff that I have ever seen, but it is what it is....enjoy

Props to Calgiari writers, OSME (Flumini Bitch) & ROGER. Sassari man, HEAVY the YLONE (BM Crew) for reppin' Alghero. Oh and it was nice to see a couple Toaster stickers around Alghero too..