Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ron English dissects a superhero

Artist Ron English has dissected Captain America for his upcoming show at the Opera Gallery this November. He has definitely put alot of work into this piece and if you scroll down to read the Supertouch article on him, you'll see why! What an amazing concept!

"Catching up with Supertouch’s own RON ENGLISH in his Jersey studio, we got a first-hand look at the master’s new huge-scale painting, “Dissect” featuring a very stripped-down Captain America before a background of some of his most patriotic comic strips.

The phenomenal thing about this piece is that the background comic panels are entirely hand-painted and not a collage. Every single panel has been replicated with exacting detail by Ron, right down to the hand-lettered dialogue. While mere mortals would take months to complete such a task, our boy wrapped this monster manga project up inside of a few weeks. See it in person at his forthcoming show at Manhattan’s Opera Gallery in November. (Rumor has it a limited edition print of this painting might appear at this year’s SD ComiCon)…

Many thanks to Supertouch for the images and article.

For those of you who don't know, Captain America, the comic superhero was tragically killed (again) in 2007. Read the Wikipedia article to find out more.