Monday, November 19, 2007

Digital Vs. Organic Design Part 2

This second post showcases the talents of the "organic" style of competition, using pens and paint.


Put simply, it's a war between artists. The ultimate question, however is who will remain supreme? The only weapon they have is a juicy Edding that they hold in their hands.

It started in London but has moved around to Birmingham, Southampton, Japan and a current European Tour.

You have one and a half hours to create your masterpiece.
There are two battles each date.
The colour palette is uniform black and white.
Only paint pens and acrylics can be used.
Judges decision is final.
You must stick to your side of the wall.

A look at the Semi-Finals and Finals of the UK 06/07 season.

All images are copyright of Monorex.