Monday, March 17, 2008

Funny Jpegs

Every photographer knows that it aint easy to snap that perfect photo of someone being shat on at exactly the right moment. Luckily, a talented photographer was able to catch this pigeon in mid flight pooing his daily poo load on this poor Innocent little kid.. making this photo frigging hilarious! Although, I tend to believe this photo may have been taken in China where they love eating pigeon and this bird was probably just getting his own back.. (that's alot of poo).

As these photos were emailed to us with no reference or source I cant give all the details on exactly where this photo was taken but it needs little explanation as to why many guys would vote to have this in all toilets... remember if you shake more than 3 times, its considered a wank.

I have a friend that can finish a Rubiks cube in less than five minutes on average.. which, to me is pretty damn good. Can any of you beat that? Below is Cube Art using only Rubiks cubes, not bad huh?

I don't blame this cat for thinking that this dude's hair is some kind of dead animal.. maybe he thinks it's his old mate Jack the Cat.. he is probably saying to himself 'hey you pussy, where have you been? You owe me $5 you cheap bitch! Come back here!'