Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Melbourne Art: Part 3

PHilfy has been busy doing allot of recon in Melbourne recently and checking out the local streetart and graffiti scene. And there’s plenty of it. There’s art in the shopping malls, art in train stations, art in skate parks, art along the streets, in the CBD and in outer suburb areas – and all of it is pretty good stuff.
(CBD area)

(Shopping mall)

(Inner suburb train station)

(Skate park)

One cool area that many of yall would have heard of is Brunswick Street. This funky area in Melbourne is not too different to East London’s Brick Lane and Shoreditch areas. On Brunswick there are allot of cool cafes and shops and places to chill and have a beer outside. Within the side streets there is allot of great art, both graffiti and streetart.

Rose Street, off Brunswick, is a cool street to checkout and every Sunday (I think) has a cool market (Rose Street Market) that sells some cool art and other things.. which, is where I met Dirtfish. Dirtfish is a local artist (www.dirtfish.net) who had his own stall selling wicked artwork and was a friendly bloke who I got chatting to and hope to do some collaborative work with in the future (stay tuned!).

Stay tuned for more cool photos in Melbourne Art: Part 4, coming soon!