Monday, October 13, 2008

The Thaw Show

This exhibition will raise money for kids in iraq who have been put through two wars.
The charity is MAIC ( Medical Aid for Iraqi Children ) an organisation that buy and deliver medical equipment to Iraqi hospitals.
Every year the show will go on at the same time as the Frieze art fair and will be exhibiting new and established artists that are creating their own path through the art world and the urban environment.

BUSK, Andy Seize, Candy, B.Bradbury, Alfa, PIC, Miss Led, MADAM, Mr Penfold, SHOK1, l'Atlas, Slickboy, Public Spirit, INDI 500, Bolt1, MACE, Pure Evil, NAS, Pepe, SNUG, Jeoffrey Pine, Otis, Barry Poppins, PRIME, Ruination, FUEL, Ben Wilson, MILD, William Pine, EFACE, Skip Theatre, CiahCiah, Heirs, Jamfree, Mr Kosh, Oscar, Georgia Fairman, KissMonster, PROBS, Booblips, Matt Small, Josephine Chime, Martha Fein, TIZER, Nick Gentry, Randy Warhol, Bonzai, Blanket Head, Chora, Solo 1, Dane

doors open 6pm on Thursday 16 - 29th october.
255 - 259 Commercial Road 3rd floor E1