Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing PETER MOEHRLE!

I am truly delighted to share a sampling of animation background art, provided directly by artist Peter Moehrle! He is a truly masterful animation background artist, with a dazzling style and resume to match. He trained all the background artists on Disney Studio's LILO AND STITCH in the fine art of watercolor backgrounds.

In addition to LILO AND STITCH and MULAN, Peter has worked on a variety of non-Disney projects. He is incredibly talented. His background art is expressive and marked by great nuance, texture and style.

Here is a sampling from Peter's brilliant portfolio:

ROCK AND RULE (1983, from Canadian animation studio Nelvana)

These, from MULAN:

These, from LILO AND STITCH:

More of Peter's art can be seen at:


Thank you Peter, for sharing your work with us!