Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hellraiser Tribute Teddy Troop Custom

A 3.5" Pinhead Teddy Troop. I've wanted to do one for years but was waiting for the right toy to do it with. The walker was an evil mechanised addition to Pinhead; it's made of an old security camera and has the legs of a Ci-boy Ranger. The turret is fully rotational too! Made for the Occupied Territories Show at the Adfunture store on Brick Lane, London.

Pinhead and his walker.

Pinhead operating his death-dealing machine.

I wanted to mix a Hellraiser black with a Steampunk feel. I managed to keep the original 'Camera' text on the side of the walker. (see larger image for details)

Close-up of Pinhead's walker. From above, you can just make out the dashboard controls and the platform he stands on.