Monday, December 17, 2007

PHESP Review - short comic

Funny.. but not 'ha ha' funny..
'Iran, Iran, Iran'.. is all we seem to be hearing from G.W.Bush these days.. seems he is quite obsessed with the notion that Iran is out to get the West, even when his own intelligence and UN inspectors have proven that Iran halted their nuclear weapons program about three years ago. But alas, the 'land of the free' is also widely known as 'the land of the seriously paranoid'.. although, no one can safely say for sure that Iran would never attack the West, there is little or no evidence to show that they have the capabilities to do it in the next 3-5 years.

Still, obviously it wouldn't hurt for the international community to keep an eye on Iran, but there is a fairly large difference to 'keeping an eye on' and 'promoting war'.
Either way, many have asked why Bush would be overly concerned with Iran being a problem to the West (which is not entirely proven), but not be as concerned with climate change which, could be a problem to the world (also not entirely proven)? Some argue that one is more important than the other.. bla, bla, bla.. but some would also say that considering the 3 serrious shooting incidents in the US in the last month (one which was in a shopping mall, killing a number of inocent people), .. perhaps Bush needs to focus a little less on 'possible' overseas threats and concentrate more on 'definite' domestic threats?

What ever the answer and what ever opinion you get behind.. I saw this funny comic in the December 8th Economist magazine and it made me chuckle..