Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ashley Wood X Three Zero Toys

I am also loving Three Zero/threeA's present and future toy releases with Ashley Wood. He blends the old and new schools of war and mecha into a dark fantasy world inhabited by scary-looking robots and even scarier looking humans.

This guy, called "NOM de PLUME" is a 12" figure apparently known as the faceless commander of the Dirty Deeds Platoon will have an extremely limited run of probably only approx. 50 pieces.

Bertie the pipebomb has an incredible 40 points of articulation and looks bad-ass.

Brambleton looks set to be a wicked mecha walker! See the first release at this years SDCC 2008.

Reminds me alot of Maschinen Krieger (MaK) series from Japan.

Purchase everything and see more artwork from Bambaland.

Images from Toysrevil.