Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hibiki Tokiwa Show in New Bodhi Gallery

This one is for all you Hentai boys and girls out there. The newly refurbished Bodhi Gallery is hosting a Japanese photographer, Hibiki Tokiwa and his eclectic mix of Glamour/Erotic/Portraiture.


Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
Hibiki Tokiwa is a Tokyo based artist, photographer, graphic designer and illustrator.

His first career, whilst still attending high school, was as a writer and illustrator for underground cultural magazines. He has since gone on to design and shoot advertising for Beams, Docomo, Shiseido, to name a few. He has also designed many CD covers for the likes of Yann Tomita, Denki Groove, Yoshinori Sunahara, El-Malo, Stereo Lab.

Hibiki Tokiwa has established a career as a photographer. His photographs of girls, shot with a wide angle lens, has had a major impact in the photography scene in Japan. Many books of his images have been published: “Sloopy Girls” “Freedom of Choice” “Girl Friends” “Girl Friends2” “Girl U WANT” “Rolexibition” and more…

He has recently started to travel and shoot throughout South East Asia as well as USA and Europe.

Hibiki Tokiwa was selected as one of the “Tokyo POP 10 people” by Takashi Murakami. He has close friendships with Keigo Oyamada (Counelius), Yasuharu Konishi (ex Pizzicato Five), Tei Towa (ex Deee-Lite), DenkiGroove, Hideaki Anno (Evangelion director) and more.

He has no style. Hibiki Tokiwa is style himself.

Bodhi presents Hibiki Tokiwa’s first solo exhibition outside of Japan.
29th May - 8th June 2008
11am - 6pm (Monday - Sunday)
214 Brick Lane, London E 6SA

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