Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chet Zar Painter of Dark

Living in East London this morning I decided that I hate most people within a 2 mile radius of my pokey flat, especially when is raining and even more especially when it's raining, there's a hole in the bottom of your shoe you hadn't noticed until now and some tool decideds to spike you with his umbrella. But just as I began to think murderous thoughts, I stummbled across this absolute treat! Chet Zar has been an artist that I've kept an eye on for a while now having first experienced it from myspace. His work is pro, within this genre I rate him very highly indeed. Not too over the top, but enough to make you reasess your feelings about warhammer 40000 (pre 2000 of course! lol). It's only open until the 13th so be quick!