Monday, July 21, 2008

Post 666

Seeing as we've reached the 666'th post, it is only appropriate that we share with you some of the more satanic interests that are currently on offer to you the general public. Anyone into Black Metal, there is a dope streamed radio station available for your listening terror.

Peter Beste has just released a photographic journal into the lives of several True Norwegian Black Metalers, definitely worth a look. It has been released through Vice and is available in Hardback via.

Anyone familiar with VBS.TV will know that they are renowned for their high quality documentation of subcultures around the world amongst other topics. Available right now is a rare insight into Gaahl from the band Gorgoroth. Watch it here.

Finally, I have been truely hooked to Alter of Earth recently. You will find a few tunes from them here. Enjoy.