Monday, September 15, 2008

Dave The Chimp New Sneaker Show

Got an email from Dave The Chimp regarding his new shoe release with Vans. I's gonna be a hot party. This is what he said:

"To celebrate the release of my first shoe design for Vans we're having a party!

It's FREE! and you're all invited!

So come down to Cargo on Wednesday 24th September and see:

Robots In Disguise and Le Couteau Jaune play live!

The Stool Pigeon music paper DJ's rocking the dance floor!

Me staggering around drunk and maybe making some paintings!

And, surely the highlight of the evening, for his first London performance, the unmissable
"Les Prattend" - Milton Keynes FINEST mime!!!

all this and more for how much? NOTHING! IT'S FREE!!! that's how much I love y'all!!!

but please arrive early - once the place is full it's full, y'get me?

look forward to seeing you all soon"