Thursday, September 11, 2008


Anyone in and around London this evening looking for a good evenings entertainment, be sure to check out Throwdown at Plan B in brixton. Tonight will host a showcase of styles, 2 on 2 battles and a graff battle.

Doors open for around 9pm, and as far as I'm awaire, there is a happy hour at around that time wich is always a pleasure. The breaking is of good quality and has had a fair share of talent pass through the doors over the last few years including the likes of world renouwned b-boys Alien Ness and Mouse. Together with special guest acts appearing including the likes of Skinnyman and Mr.Thing, Throwdown has maintained a high standard of conduct whilst pushing to stay ahead of the game in terms of our perceptions of hip-hop.

Recent months have also seen a showcase in Graffiti having had the likes of Tizer (ID), Kosh (FOP), Sares (RMS), and Herse (SD) participate. Tonight is no exception, Meker (BRS) and Tobe (SD) will be out in the smokers ally from around 9.30pm. To see what these two can do, look here and here. Right: Alfa, Bellow: Bugz (Soul Mavericks)

If you don't manage to make it down this time, it can be caught every second thursday of the month At Plan B in Brixton. Tickets cost around £7 and things wrap up at 3am.