Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Karborn Show In London

'Unknown Master'

A forward look at identity within ideas of space and time. Using a striking stand on what and where technology harmonises with more traditional mark making techniques... This isn't toy story... This is Charles Dickens and Andy Warhol watching Blade Runner in The Garden of Eden... beautiful and thoughtful and mysteriously English.
Unique artworks and print editions available, beautifully framed signed artists proofs. Hope to see you down there...

'Karborn I-I-I'

Twenty-three-year old Karborn is an anomaly on the London streets, an urban dreamer with feet riding the bassline and head in the clouds. The son of John Foxx (with whom he often collaborates on audio and visuals), Karborn’s work marries the organic to the technological, creating post-post-modern computer-meets-paper-meets-sound collages that are hard to decipher. Are they dystopian or utopian?

'Dream Mirror Portal'

'Birth Of Venus'


KARBORN - 'Time & Face'
Exhibition Gallery.
33 Marshall St, near carnaby st, london. W1.
open 11:30 - 6:30 pm everyday, including sat & sun.
19th February - 5th March 2009.