Sunday, February 8, 2009

MTA Crew Arrested In LA

LA po-po have apparently arrested eight members of the infamous MTA crew (Metro Transit Assassins) after months of searching for them. What made them notrious was their now famous half-mile long MTA blockbuster, which will supposedly cost almost $4 million dollars to remove.

"Those arrested were booked on suspicion of vandalism, drug possession, narcotics for sales, weapons possession and other parole violations, officials said.

The three block letters cover a three-story-high wall and run the length of several blocks between the 4th Street and 1st Street bridges. The tagging crew, which is also known as “Melting Toys Away” and “Must Take All,” began about the time the transportation agency began using the MTA letters. Investigators say they have statements, including some on video, that implicate some of the crew members in the enormous tag."

Thanks to Mysterious Al for the heads up!