Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fan Expo 2010 (pt.2)

Even more than the exhibits and stuff for sale, I think the real fun of Fan Expo is seeing all of the fans who turn up in costume. Here's a sampling of what we saw at this year's event:

Here's Sheridan instructor Apollo Okamura with students, Vanessa Stefaniuk and Nicole Gagnon, as well as Vanessa's brother Robert.

Vanessa strikes an action pose.

Iain Lew Kee as She-Ra poses with He-Man.

Just what the HECK is this thing?!!

Some Star Wars characters.


Hey, that's no Boy Wonder!

Baskin' Robin, perhaps?

Arrrrh, girls, let me have a Pikachu!

It's those wacky anime kids!

Whatever it is you're delivering, I'll be more than happy to sign for it!

Yes, there are lots of cute girls at Fan Expo, all happy to pose for photos!

I hope this girl heals up okay. Maybe I'll hang around while they remove her bandages, just to make sure she's all right.

This girl had everyone's head turning. I found out later that she's Kat Curtis, "The Naked Nerd" from The Naked News show. I'll have to tune in sometime to see what she uncovers.

This poor alien creature is obviously pooped out from breathing in the earth's atmosphere all day. It must be time to gather up the swag and head back to the home planet.

"Sayonara, people of planet earth!"