Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jirobo vs Naruto

Jirobo vs Naruto

Naruto takes the first bite, and there is a loud clap of thunder and smoke. Kakashi has returned and is very angry! "You three broke the rule! Are you prepared for the punishment? Are there any last words?" Sakura is about to faint again, Naruto is quaking in fear, and Sasuke is silent and filled with dread. Sasuke and Sakura jump to be beside Naruto, announcing that they are in this together. They are a three-man team. They are one.

"You there are one, eh?" says their teacher. His dark look washes away. Then he nods, "You pass! You three are the first. The students I had previously were blockheads who just listened to what I said. Ninjas need to think beyond the normal. In the world of ninjas, those who break the rules are called scum. But those who don't care about their friends are even worse scum."

Naruto appears to want to cry, and says, "He's kind of cool."

The training has ended. Everyone passes for the first time ever. The 7th group will begin their missions the next day.