Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kisame vs suigetsu

Kisame vs suigetsu

If you're new to Naruto then these are the 5 interesting facts that'll give you a head-start in Naruto as an anime and manga. For me, Naruto is like a role-playing game where you develop a single character to make him stronger and beat the ultimate enemy. These are the facts that surrounds Naruto in his growth to fulfil his dream to become the hokage which is presume to be the strongest ninja in the world of Naruto and is responsible to protect the village from any adversities and war.

So here are the facts about Narutoverse:

1. The Jutsus

The ability to perform various ninja techniques and works in proportion to the user's chakra which simply is their stamina. Jutsu also depends on user's chakra level in ninja rankings and their elements like wind, earth, lightning and fire. A mix of chakra elements would create a user's bloodline limit thus enable them to create a unique jutsu of their own. Take mangekyou sharingan as an example. Naruto is typically a ninjutsu user who possessed a wind element chakra.