Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Week's Summit Meeting

About a week or so ago, Harper, Bush and Calderon met in Montebello, Quebec to discuss important North American issues like free trade, national security, and the standardization of jelly beans. You must have read about it - it was in all the papers. What many of you are probably not aware of, however, is that another important summit meeting took place just this past Wednesday evening at Dooney's Pub on Bloor St.

Yes, it was the second gathering of a group of Toronto-area creative types, which included several illustrators, a photographer, and a filmmaker with a fascination for pubic lice. Issues that were discussed included the internet, blogging, and most importantly, how one can use all of this newfangled technology to make a quick buck. This exchange of radical thinking was helped along by the consumption of vast quantities of beer and pizza. I volunteered to take the minutes of the meeting, so I took roughly 30 minutes to record what took place by drawing the following mug shots:

PS: I'm afraid I can't be seen in the group photo posted above, because I was the one taking the picture. If you'd like to see me, you're going to have to get up from your desk, walk around behind your computer, and look back this way...