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Naruto Chapter 433 Spoiler (RAW)


Naruto Chapter 433 Spoiler (RAW)

As Promised! Scanned spoiler images of Naruto 433.

Pain says naruto is finished
naruto says he's not
Pain tries to brings animal pain back to life  
女ペインは実はナルトの影分身で近づいてきた復活ペインに螺旋丸をたたき込む。(女ペインは蛙 の口の中)
Animal was actually a naruto bunshin and animal is still in the frog's mouth, he rasengan's Hell pain.
hell is sent flying. God pain doesn't even flinch. Your chakra must be used up by now
naruto puts his hands together as if to be captured quietly
naruto is pulled by God pain, 'Don't try to resist' [he says?] stressing his power
naruto shouts 'crap!'
naruto is pulled before God pain
'it's over uzumaki naruto' but Naruto (bunshin) vanishes
Shocked pain looks all around
Naruto shouts from somewhere 'it's only just beginning'
Pain sees naruto's siloutte on the hokage statue
the guy who wants to be hokage won't be caught that eaisily
he jumps down
just like jiraiya said the real one isn't here
that's right, you haven't fought the real one yet! that's his theory(?)
Seems like Fukusaku is mistaken, naruto shouts (somthing?)
naruto 'I'll never forgive you' pain: you made searching for you easier


Original script:




Chinese script:




English script (roughly): (thanks comment3)

Rasan shuriken can use only one time under sennin mode. Naruto left the kage bunshin in Myouboku Mountain, there are two more times, for using the sennin mode. Deva realm Pain revived. At the end the Human realm Pain falls (not sure). Naruto waits for the kage bunshin in Myouboku Mountain for gathering natural chakra, and then start up sennin mode again. The spoiler guy says that he'll write more later.

Some translations by brucelee:
Naruto left at Myoboku Mountain, senin mode? fukusaku reverse summons another naruto in sennin and the battle begins again. I made a mistake sorry m(__)m
The bunshins are moulding chakra awaiting orders, with the scroll they prepared to be summoned from Myoboku Mountain. If they are waiting in the kuchiyose seat(?) when the bunshin was dispelled the senjutsu chakra returns to the original.

French translation by Kheops

en mode ermite, il ne peut utiliser le fuuton rasen shuriken qu'une seule fois
Naruto laisse des kagebunshins sur le Mont Myoboku et dit qu'il peut encore utiliser le mode ermite 2 fois.
sur le Mont Myoboku naruto a laissé des kagebunshins en mode ermite et fukusaku fait une invocation inversé ce qui permet à naruto de continuer à se battre en mode ermite

il rassemble les chakra senjutsu des kagebunshins qui attendent les ordres, puis ils lancent une invocation depuis le Mont Myoboku
une fois qu'ils ont lancés l'invocation , son chakra sennin redevient normal

Spanish translation by tunguska

Pain dice que Naruto está acabado. Naruto le dice que no.
Pain intena resucitar al Reino animal pero no puede, resulta que ese Pain es un bushin de Naruto transformado y el auténtico Pain del Reino animal sigue dentro de la boca de Bunta. Naruto rasenganea a Pain Infierno, que sale volando por los aires.

Fukasaku invoca a otro Naruto en modo Sennin que estaba acumulanto energía en el Monte Myobokuzan. Los Bushins están acumulando chackra y esperando órdenes, con el pergamino que han preparado especialmente para ser invocados desde Myobokuzan.

Naruto sólo puede usar el FRS una vez en modo Sennin.
Puede volver al modo Sennin dos veces más (10 minutos más o dos FRS más).
Están esperando en el asiento de invocaciones (?), cuando el Bushin desaparece el chackra del Senjutsu vuelve al original.


Below are the collated PREDICTIONS for Naruto 433 from some of the Naruto Addicts. Keep submitting your predictions... more to come... Enjoy reading!!!

We will release scanned NARUTO 433 RAW SPOILER by Wednesday (Japan Time).

STATUS: Prediction

Now our dear Naruto has got his power tank empty.

That is what he wants everyone to think

He was using the sage mode and now in his real mode he is pumping with his power
PAIN goes ahead and powers up for the attach by attracting Naruto towards him.
Naruto prepares himself as he brings up his multi-rasen-shuriken and then starts throwing at him as he gets attracted.

Gamambunta pours oil on the PAIN left and Naruto flames it up.
Naruto then uses tajuu kage bunshinojutsu to surround the village but pain vanished into thin air by then.

by keestu-thegreat

STATUS: unconfirmed

God Realm's Pain unleash their ultimate mode, known as God's Pain. The paper girl fortified this process by using a summon from afar. Meanwhile, Naruto is still figuring out how to defeat God's Pain and enters the Kyuubi's cell. Kyuubi decides to let Naruto die as its the only way to unleash his full power. Naruto confronts Kyuubi and promise him an oath. The scene cuts to fire village. Meanwhile, Naruto transform. The whole village was amazed, 433 end.

434 Title: The Great Battle: Naruto's Fury

by: desert


STATUS: Prediction

At this rate the possible scenarios of the plot could be:

1) the previous chapter was so much better cos his rasen shuriken was a waist at the end of the day it was so powerful and only managed to kill one pain body so pathetic and took out almost all his remaining chakra.

wats he gonna do now naruto is dead meat cos he said hell neva use the nine tails chakra and again he neva goes back on his words right so what will he do against pain now, and even if he did use the ninetails chackra hell need like 4tails vs god and with that he cant control it so i think pain will leave and naruto will be in 4tails mode and become uncontrollable and sasuke will eventually come and suppress him its so fucked up cos sasuke will again be the hero and whats that bullshit bout sasuke will be equal with naruto for eternity thats fucked up cos as a main character naruto is suppossed to be the strongest as kishi said hes gonna surpass the 4th so then sasuke will also surpass the 4th thats the strongest ninga among the dead. so thats fucked man he always makes sasuke the cool guy with so much power.

Even so how is sasuke gonna be a match for naruto in sage mode cos he wont be able to anticipate hes moves cos even he may read them but his body wont definately keep up as naruto will be far stronger and faster than him.

so how the hell will sasuke be on naruto’s level in hand to hand combat cos naruto will so kill him with one blow cos nobody can survive it.

2) Surely a Ma and PA’ s action(like the song), or a non-controlled use of Nine-tails’ chakra

3) The second should give more possibilities. One of these could be an intervention by the eight-tails killer bee (the only one who can teach Naruto to use Kyubi)

4) Certainly, Pain’s withdraw

5) Tsunade will sacrifice her life to save naruto. hiks…hiks.. :((