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Naruto Chapter 434 Spoiler (RAW)

Naruto Chapter 434 Spoiler (RAW)


2 Pain left.
Hell Realm defeated, Naruto turns to Tendou.
Naruto gets blown away by Shinra Tensei.
The frogs launch all sorts of weapon at Pain.
Katsuyu tells Naruto how the jutsu blew the village apart and its 5-second weakness.
Fukasaku says Genjutsu is the only way now. Naruto says he doesn't know Genjutsu. Fukasaku says he will cast it.
Pain uses Shinra Tensei again. The frogs get blown away.
Watching from afar, Chouji, Kiba and Hinata are worried for Naruto.

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Another Translation

Tendou sees hell after the attack of the 2 rasengan ...
But it remains two more Pain.
Naruto: "These 2 here ...!"
Tendou Pain uses repulsion attacks that creates an explosion that hurts Naruto.

Naruto Bunta short help but it is attacking
Pain violently with a large black baton. His chakra
is now disturbed as Jiraiya before.
Pain uses black it sticks out its neck and
Bunta in the plant: These eyes are changing ...
Naruto lot of debris without Sennin mode! A
frog short help but Naruto is adopted by
Bunta it launches an attack of water.

Fukusaku attempting an invocation reversed. It approximates
Naruto but he was arrested by the gravity of Pain. Katsuyu
a Kuchiyose and explains that they have a
interval of 5 seconds to attack Pain ...

by: MH/OM

Check out the Naruto Chapter 435 Spoilers and Predictions. I will release the confirmed scanned Chapter 435 by February 11, 2009, Wednesday, Japan Time. Be the first to see it here!!!

Pain says : "Capture of the Kyuubi : Mission Complete."
Naruto: This guy...! He's absorbing my chakra?!
Side Text: (first bit's cut out)(person) Naruto too is outdone by Pein's power...!!


Pain dit: "Capture de Kyuubi: Mission Terminé"
Naruto: Ce Gars... ! Il absorve mon Chakra?!
Side texte: Naruto aussi est surpassé par la puissance de pain... !!
by: MH: TDA, Yagami1211

Check out the Naruto Chapter 435 Spoilers and Predictions. I will release the confirmed scanned Chapter 435 by February 11, 2009, Wednesday, Japan Time. Be the first to see it here!!!

These are collated Predictions and Spoilers of Naruto Chapter 434. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto 434 (February 4, Wednesday, Japan Time). Be sure to see it first here!

Status: UNCONFIRMED Spoiler


Pain uses his ability to pull all of the kagebunshin into him at once (*the spoiler writer compares this to the “Tezuka Zone” in Prince of Tennis)

The real Naruto manages to prevent this and notices that when Pain uses his ability to pull things in he can’t blow things back so…

…Naruto is trying to time things just right so that his kage bunshin can launch a coordinated attack on Pain

The real Naruto then brings all the frogs except Bunta with him to repel the “keyman**” (presumably Tendou Pain at this point).

Shikamaru hears about Naruto’s situation as well as Pain’s ability from Katsuyu and decides, “I can at least do this much!” He then begins analyzing the situation.

The color page is the frog group and sage Naruto
The spoiler writer then says that he’ll post images once he gets back to his house

**A “key man” in Japanese refers to someone important or “key” to the success of something. In the prior chapter, the “key man” was identified as the reviving body. In this chapter it would presumably refer to Tendou.

by: mystik

Status: Prediction

1. If God Pein's strength has returned - that would mean he could easily revive all the other Pein!!

2. If Pein keeps reviving the others, and Naruto with only one Sage Kagebunshin left - this is pretty bad situation for Naruto!
3. If the Sage Tech Rasen Shuriken is Naruto's great new move - God Pein's Power is something to look forward to. Chances are - Naruto might get overwhelmed. Naruto will meet the Real Pein. This is a battle we will all look forward to. This might even run in the next 5 chapters.

4. Still no details of Kakashi will be metioned.

Now your turn, tell us what you think....

by: me (Naruto Addict)
Naruto 434 Spoiler
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Spoilier 1:

Chapter starts out with Deva using his ability to repel both of the Naruto's that are near him. But both are Kage Bushin. The Smoke Clears and we see Naruto without Sage Mode. Deva Rises into the Air and Katsuya tells Naruto that Deva is going to use the technique he destroyed the village with. Naruto has Pa Toad summon the last Bushin and he regains Sage Mode.

Scene Switches to the Cabin outside of Konoha walls where Pain first appeared in Konoha territory. Konan tells a Shadowy figure not to use "that again" because it will shorten his life spand even more and could kill the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. The Shadowy figure says that he must teach Naruto the value of pain.

Scene switches back Naruto has formed two gaints Fuuton Rasengan in his hands (not to be confused with FRS - Fyuuton Rasen Shuriken). He Smashes them on the ground and a huge hurricane of air is formed that surrounds the creator. Naruto tell Ma to use her katon and Pa to use his fuuton to help him sustain the wind. The wind turns into a giant swirl of fire. Next Naruto tells Gamabunta to fire his suiton at the center of wind. The vortex of wind then expands and surrounds the whole village. Deva Realizes that Naruto has succeeded in generating a real Hurricane around the village and he starts to get drawn into. Lightning begins to go off inside the vortex and Naruto tells Gamahiro to kick up some debris.

We see a sky view of Konoha and a Gaint Hurricane is over head filled with fire, wind, water, rocks, and lighting. Pain is swiftly drawn into the center of the hurricane and he uses Shinra Tensei destroying it. But in the instant after its destroyed the hurricane reforms and naruto clasps his hand together forming it back into a compact ball like rasengan around Deva Pain. Naruto Says 5 elemental Rasenhurricane technique. Then RasenHurricane explodes and the chapter ends.

Spoilier 2:

-Deva Blast away the smoke with Shinra Tensei

-Naruto charges Deva Pain, but the SM Ends

-Deva Pain stabs Naruto with the black rod and disrupts his chakra

-Pa Summons the last Kage bushin and Naruto Regains Sage Mode punching Deva Pain away from him while he gets shinra tensied at the same time

-Naruto uses Taijuu Kage Bushin and surrounds Deva with 100 Narutos. Deva Uses Shinra Tensi but the others attack him during the 5 minute cool down. Deva is kicked into the sky and by a bunch of bushin at once(like the opening of Naruto Renden)

-Deva Pain uses his flight to hover in the air but dozens of bushin are sent fly up after him and catch him using the combo used on Dedaria but with 50 some bushin. Deva is smashed into the ground and Naruto's Bushin begin punchin him like crazy. For ever punch their is flashback to whoPain has killed starting with Garaa. Then Several Bushin form Ultimate Rasengan and there is a flashback of Jiraiya's smiling face andPain is hit by the Ultimate Rasengan.

-The Smoke clears and Deva is destroyed by Naruto's rage. Naruto turns around to walk away but then gets stabbed through the chest by some ones hand. Standing behinde him is a shadowy figure. Then the chapter ends.

by: ???


Fat Pain is reached by 2 punchs of naruto(1 from bushin and another from the original);
Tendou attack naruto, he's hited easily, he see what taijutsu don't will work;
He pull naruto with his power;
When he will hit naruto with his black spear, naruto destroy the spear with a ransegan;
The naruto bushin it's behind tendou and hit him a double rasengan in full;
Naruto sense something strange, he's stuck in a genjutsu;
Tendou run in naruto direction, fukasaku sense something stranger with naruto and break the genjutsu;
Too late, tendou makes a cut in almost all chest of naruto;
The Sennin Mode was undone;
Naruto isn't going well, all toads go ahead of naruto;
Tendou is very fast, the toads not see he passed by them;
When tendou with a kind of sword will hit naruto chapter ends with sakura being perforated in front of naruto.

by: manga-naruto forum


Naruto: ...
Pein: ? (pissed off and suprised)

Smoke disappears and Naruto is standing a long distance from Pain, so fast!
The Hell Realm is dead after the double rasengan strike!

Naruto: Even if I have to kill you a few times...
The ground around Naruto get's crushed! He's getting sage chakra but how ?
Naruto: But you will fall!

Two clones of Naruto starts running towards Pain while Naruto is getting sage chakra.
Pein is ready and get's ready for battle. (He stands the way like Neo in Matrix does)

Pain: What are you waiting for?
Tajiutsu fight !
Naruto punches him but Pein blocks it by pulling the Fat Realm up, one down and one left, Pein delivers the left hand on Naruto's right cheek, poof ! a kage bunshin, Pain is pissed off again.

Naruto: haha you're weak, ur secret is stored. (Prepares to poof and give the real Naruto some sage chakra)
Naruto poffed away ! where's the real Naruto ?
Fukasaku: Naruto is becoming stronger for every minute, I never thought that he could regain sage chakra through this situation, boy, you are strong!
Pein: show yourself!

Naruto: HERE I AM!
Naruto got two rasengan in both of his hands doing some whirlwind (not actually a whirlwind but he swings around) and cuts Pain into two pieces.
Naruto: I have done it... (Jiraya beihnd him giving a pervy smile)

Next Chapter: Konan and Nagato!

by: ???


Warzone, Naruto and God Realm clash

“No more games Pein,” said Naruto. (The shadow clone holding Ghost Realm down, uses his forearm to pound in its face. Blood sprays in the air however, we don’t see the details)

“Brilliant work Uzumaki, you are indeed the successor to Jiraiya. Although, even a demon like yourself falls to the power of a God,” said Pein. (Pein prepares to use a ranged attack with his palm toward the real Naruto. Then, similar black crows seemingly passes through Naruto’s mind. All of a sudden, both of his shadow clones explode.)

“Exploding Shadow clones,” asked Shima. “Where in the world did he pick up a technique like that,” asked Fukasku. “This kid, he’s certainly on another level,” said Gamabunta.

(The smoke clears. Naruto notices Pein’s body and rapidly backs up.)

“So, even explosions don’t work against him either,” said Naruto. “That was one of Itachi’s techniques, interesting,” said Pein.

Switch Scene:

(Konan thinks to herself in her head some distances away from the battle)

“God Realm has the most offensive and defensive might among all of the bodies. Now that Nagato is fully controlling God Realm, he’s able to take advantage of the atmoshpere and punish his opponents. God’s judgement, that’s why he’s never lost a battle. To think, Nagato hasn’t got this serious since that time ago, the time when he battled Hanzou,” said Konan.

Switch Scene to battle:

(God Realm floats in mid air)

“Is he flying,” asked Naruto. (Everyone is shocked by God realm’s power. He launches himself far into the sky. Then comes rushing down.)

“Bunta, Ken, Hiro. Its time you guys go back. We need all the room we can manage,” said Fukasku. “I don’t care what he plans on doing. I’m going to knock him flat,” said Naruto.

(The summons go back home. Meanwhile Naruto prepares to defend himself, however God Realm uses his forces to draw Naruto to him. Immediately, God Realm punches Naruto, sending him across rubble. God Realm retreats back and lands on the ground.)

“Boy,” yelled Fukasku. “Come on, get up,” said Shima. (They rush to his side. Naruto immediately recovers and emerges from the rubble. Naruto takes off his cloak and throws it to the side. Naruto is a little scratched up.)

“Boy, we’ll step in as needed,” said Shima. (Naruto smiles) “Boy are you feeling okay, you just been clobbered,” said Fukasku in a worried tone.

(God realm prepares to attack again, however immediately the earth around him begins to crack. He is immediately held down by a shadow clone which emerges from behind and constricts Pin, stopping him from using his technique. God Realm looks angry.)

“You are all out of tricks now. I could either blow you up with my technique or I can pound you to death personally,” said Naruto. “Afterall that, he was still able to plan a counter,” said Pain.

(Naruto Rage grows. Fukasku and Shima grows fearful)

“All the people you hurt. (flashback of Jiraiya and Kakashi. Then the village). I’ll show you the true meaning of Pein. No more peace for you,” said Naruto. (Naruto make the shadow clone jutsu sign and the clone explodes)

Next Chapter: Has Naruto defeated the Six Paths of Pein/ or has Pein managed to escape yet again?

by: variety-animanga

Status: Prediction

A few things we should keep in mind as we anticipate what's coming next:
1. Sasuke is out there somewhere and he expressed his intentions to wipe out Konoha.

2. Madara is out there too, and presumably annoyed that Sasuke failed at his mission. Madara is a completely different kind of opponent from Pein, in that he can be practically invisible.

3. We don't know what Nagato can do and he's still near the battle. Plus, we don't know if he can currently make use of the tailed beast statue, even if it's incomplete. Konan is also present but doesn't seem particularly strong.

4. Danzou is waiting to take control of the village. He seems to have several ANBU / ROOT members under his control. It would be perfectly within his capacity to betray Naruto somehow.

by: itwasthesolenoid

Status: Prediction

At this rate the possible scenaries of the plot between naruto and pain in chapter 434 could be:

1. Naruto will know and trying to kill the real pain
2. Naruto will use a new jutsu ( but maybe this is impossible)
3. Naruto finnaly use the 9-tails chakra
4. Naruto will use the key at the scroll that jiraiya left for him to control 9-tails chakra
5. Naruto Finally use the third sage mode and success kill all pain
6. Naruto will die…and tsunade use tensei jutsu (revive jutsu) to bring naruto back alive
7. The gai team will come on time when naruto need help.
8. Yamato and sai will come to help naruto
9. Killer bee will come and help naruto
10. The konoha allies (Suna-gakure) will come and help konoha

by: warniadunia

Status: Prediction

Now that GOD PEIN has got all his powers

he is now going and merging with all the pains
Naruto will bust the PEIN into pieces but unfortunately he will walk out of the repair machine.
Gamambunta uses the oil to burst out the machine but is unable to.
Uchiha sasuke suddenly appears out of nowhere and kills the PEIN that is under the hood.
Sasuke secret is unveiled in the episode as he was actually tricked upon by PEIN himself and it was made as if that HITACHI was supposed to kill as Konoha had asked. It was actually PEIN -- who is controlled but uchiha madara.
Naruto and all are shocked to see him. Naruto then burst with anger and several Rasen shurekens to kill all the peins.
He uses body jitter technique and then puts the rasens near all the peins...
Next episode435...Sasuke unveils his secret