Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chelsea Flower Show X Childrens Society

Woke up last weekend to find some people outside my flat arranging real flowers whilst a group of 7-8 papparazzi were milling about. The weirdest thing was, they all looked so guilty as if they'd just done something awful.
"Ermm, excuse us, do you mind us doing this to the billboard?" one guy asked me....
"It's not my billboard, do anything you want to the way, the flowers look great! How long will it be there for?" I asked
"Oh, we're gonna take it down straight away after the shoot, cos it's illegal"
I burst into laughter....

I thought it was the best bit of billboard liberation I had seen in ages and they were worried that they'd get in trouble for it. I mean, pretty much 80% of all poster ads are illegally put up but are then tolerated as it has been going on for approx. 100 years in London.

Their loss. The roses looked great in a vase in our flat later that day. So cheers Children's Society for brightening up my tiny road for about 2 hours....Next time, just leave it there cos I dont wanna see Usher everytime I come out my front door.