Saturday, May 31, 2008

Delta Show and Interview

Wicked 3D maestro Delta has a show coming up at the Elms Lester Painting Rooms in Central London. Here's what the gallery has to say:

June 6th - 28th 2008
Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm, Thursdays 'til 8pm

The first solo UK show of The Netherland's most exciting contemporary artist, an inspirational pioneer in the European graffiti scene since 1983; BORIS TELLEGEN aka DELTA

Accompanying the exhibition will be a 42 page hard back catalogue with over 60 full colour illustrations and inlcuding an essay by KODWO ESHUN.

DELTA will bein the gallery between 12 - 1.00 on Saturday June 7th to sign catalogues.

Delta - Interview from alex deforce on Vimeo.