Monday, May 19, 2008


On my return from a large Sunday Roast with my Fiancee and some friends in Brighton yesterday, I came across the Doritos Ad Competition website. Doritos have given the UK public the chance to make their own 29 second Doritos Ad...and if yours wins the competition it will be put on TV and you could scoop £20k..yup..20 large ones!!!!! As we are getting married in September we thought..this could be handy!!!! SO....

We checked out the rules and regs and realised that all videos had to be uploaded that Night(sunday)to the Doritos website before 23.59. The time was 22.00 and we thought what the we unpacked our camera and tripod, bought a few bags of Doritos and shot this as quickly as possible so we could edit it and upload it in time. We did..just..with 7 minutes to spare.

Given the crazy short time frame we were pretty happy with our effort. Click on the link to give it a vote, it's just a bit of fun...and check out the site cos there are some truly clever ads.