Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Am A Winner

I went to the Cancer Sell show last week which had alot of great art/toys for sale, with all the proceeds going to charity. There were even lottery tickets for a very reasonable £2. I felt that I should buy one with the hope of winning a small toy or a doodle or something like that. Imagine my excitement on Sunday, when I get a call that I have won a goodie bag from the show.....I get home and open up the black bag within a bag and what the fuck do I find inside?????? The contents of the above image!!!!!!
1. A G-Spot massager
2. 2x Golden Root (Viagra) Pills
3. 6x Condoms of varying thickness
4. A book about Fetishism
5. 1x pair of suede bottomless pants
6. A cock and ball ring
7. Crocodile clip nipple tassles
8. A bottle of Lube
9. 3x The most fucked up Gay Fetish catalogues I have ever seen in my short life! (Urethral probes, cock cages, spanking gear, electroshock treatment and more!!!)

So if there are any Gay fetishists who would like this collection, pls contact me so I can get it the fuck out of my house....

p.s. I would like to say thanks to the organisers of Cancer Sell. The jokes on me I guess.....