Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sight-seeing in London

such as the ones pictured in this post. From time to time I will post the best of the bunch from across the city. Above is a pen reach I caught in a public Having no means of transport these days other than my shoes, I often come across phone-photo opertunitiesconvinience on Old St.

In this shot, we see the result of on East London's finest area code fights. This was taken outside my friend J's apartment on the street that boarders E2 and it's neighboring N1.

KReks from Slovinia's finest crew ZEK has recently been spotted around east getting up with a silver pilot.
Check them out here.

Taking the Hammersmith and City the other day I was delighted to see evidence of pure vandalism that has been hitting our tubes recently with this and a few other splasher hits.
Finally some comedy from TDO. Self explainatory.