Friday, August 29, 2008

Slinkachu Show at Cosh Gallery

Slinkachu, the world's favourite little-person street-artist is having a solo show at the Cosh Gallery from today onwards.

The gallery says: GROUND ZERO: Little People in the City is the first solo show from Slinkachu featuring all new works at Cosh Gallery, Soho, this August. Slinkachu has taken street art to a new scale, painstakingly hand-painting tiny characters that live in a world that’s too small for us to always notice beneath our feet.

His street installations are constructed in all sorts of public spaces, the portrayal of little lives that mirror our own. Working in miniature opens up the city landscapes in unexpected ways and this is explored in Ground Zero where he literally brings you down to a new level.

The exhibition is open 28 August - 20 September.
Cosh Gallery
69 Berwick Street