Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello Kitty Bling Part 2

Ok, the first time I posted something regarding Bling & Hello Kitty, I thought it'd be a one-off ha-ha type post. Little did I know that I could actually make a series out of it! Pink Tentacle had this to say about these ridiculously expensive and pointless Hello Kitty Pure Gold Playing Cards:

"Each of the 54 cards (2 jokers included) measures 58 x 89 mm and is made from 0.73 gram of 99.99% pure gold . Pressed to a thickness of 7 microns with precision rolling technology developed by the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, the cards are sealed in a protective laminate printed with colorful designs that depict Hello Kitty in royal dress."

Whoever buys these, I hope you get mugged by your peers in a game of poker!