Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Painting with Fire Extinguishers

Recently, a massive tag was done very near my place with what looked to be a fire extinguisher. Now I know this type of graffiti isn't new, but I wanted to look into it more and find out how these guys are doing it. Lo and behold, the mighty internet showed me how to make my own tool and so I thought I'd share it with you.

A guy on Instructables known as Katsuteacheskids shows us how to make one using a fire extinguisher he obviously steals from schools/indusrial buildings.

The interesting thing was that by the end of the tutorial, I became more interested in all the different kinds of comments left on Katsu's page.
You had kids saying that he was dope and you had ex police officers saying that he's a fool. The age-old debate of "Is graffiti an art-form or vandalism?" came up so many times and it just goes to show that there will never be a straight answer for this question and that it will be debated until humans eventually go extinct.
Long Live Graffiti!