Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ma.K Maschinen Krieger

Without a doubt, Ma.K (Maschinen Krieger) is one of the best, little-known things to come out of the 1980's. Maschinen Krieger, formerly known as SF3D, is the brainchild of Kow Yokoyama, a prominent and influential Graphic Designer in Japan. It's set in a world 800 years from now, where opposing factions fight for what little resources the earth has left.

The model kits produced by Nitto were the first truly multimedia model kits, and to this day are still the best injection-plastic Sci-Fi kits manufactured. Each model included (depending on the design) wires, springs, photo-etched brass, lights, screens, rubber tubing, and lead weights. Due to some licensing disagreements in the mid-80's, production of Ma.K was ceased.

Of late, the plastic kits have enjoyed a comeback and a re-newed renaissance as more people are realising how amzingly retro-futuristic these kits are. I only have 3 big kits (7") and about 20 of the little scaled ones but I want more!

Although, Ma.K is famous for its bio-suited soldiers, Kow actually created a whole host of other droids, bots and heavy artillery gunners for his world. And it's only recently that I have seen rare pictures of them.

For THE most comprehensive guide/resource on Ma.K, please check out Roboterkampf that is run by super-otaku Jason Eaton.