Sunday, September 23, 2007

Infinite Bubble Wrap Popping

ESP love strange Japanese products and this one just had to be added:
Mugen Puti Puti (Bubble wrap popping device)

"Popping bubble wrap is one of the most dangerous and ignored addictions in society today. You've seen it before, the glazed-over look in the eyes, the sheets of spent bubble wrap all over the floor. Sadly there are no officially recognized support groups for those who suffer from popping bubble wrap, but thanks to Bandai relief for your addiction is on its way. Mugen Puti Puti, which translated means "infinite puti puti" will be co-released this month by Bandai and Kawakami Sangyo Co. Ltd, a bubble wrap company. Air bubbles on double-layered silicon rubber and a built-in speaker simulate the experience of popping bubble wrap and if this wasn't addictive enough, every 100 pops this keychain emits a random sounds such as a doorbell, a dog barking, "sexy voice" or the passing of gas."