Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Largest Star Wars Collection

Zod is a nutter. No, Zod is a genius. He has created one of the most formidable collections of Star Wars figures in the galaxy.

When asked in the Rebel Scum forum whether or not he has every toy ever released for Star Wars, his reply was: "The general rule is that I buy two of every figure that comes on a card - one to open, plus more of army builders obviously. There are some gaps, that I try to fill in at later dates via shows and ebay, but for the most part, I have every sculpt loose. I also buy paint varients, but only when it turns the old figure into a new figure - like repaints of clones or new heads on soldiers - that kind of thing. I also am not quite as strict about vehicles - I have most of them, but not ALL of them."

"I also don't have room to double up on boxed items the way I do carded figures. Someday. As for varients, I don't get nutty about them, but if there's an error or a varient, I keep the more rare of the two when I can help it... I have all the long sabers, and the obi-wan headshots, and the brown vest jedi luke, open hand han... that kind of stuff - but I won't pay more for that type of thing."

I hope that means something to someone, cos he lost me on carded figures!

To see a shedload more images of this guys insane collection, jump HERE.