Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nicolas Schoffer Cybernetic Artist

I was recently commissioned to put together some "retro-futuristic" visuals for a freerock/improv band called Pulsar and have been delving into the world of 60's & 70's futurism. A very very interesting world it is as well! That's how I stumbled upon Nicolas Schoffer (1912-1992)who was a Hungarian-born French artist, architect, sculptor, composer and pioneer of 'Cybernetic Art'. "Schöffer's sculptures and light shows moved and pulsed, guided by an electronic 'brain', mimicking the thought processes of a living organism." What I really like about him was the fact that he was already trying to push the boundaries of our acceptance of different genres of art, especially in a psychedelic, electronic way.

I could only show you a few titbits of what he's all about, check this SITE about him for way more inspirational imagery.

This video features Brigitte Bardot performing "Contact", installations by Schoffer and music by Serge Gainsbourg.