Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rohby Customs Update

I first posted about toy customiser Rohby 8 months ago and there have been alot of developments with his style. He just seems to be getting better and better! I am a huge fan of mecha and especially bio-suited walkers.....It's actually very depressing because he designs the way that I wish I could. Peep the pics and cry along with me.

Mobile_Suit MUNNY 01.30.08
"Snow" edition

The extreme bitter cold of Siberia can cause some of the toughest machines to seize and render useless.

Never Fear! Our latest Mobile_Suit is equipped with a "Super Duper Advanced Thermal System" that's guaranteed to operate efficiently under subfreezing temperatures!

(H.I.S.E.) Pilot & Attack Suit 10.17.07 (Mad L Custom)
Originally designed for surveillance, the HISE line of equipment is now battle friendly!

The new model... "PILOT" is the most advanced & intelligent droid to date. It's capable of operating advanced equipment systems (Attack_Suit) through the most extreme & hostile battle grounds.

The "Attack_Suit" is a heavily armored piece of equipment designed specifically for the "PILOT" droid. It acts as an extension to the droid's body and can transform into a walking tank and operate individually.

Check his website HERE.

Images & Descriptions Copyright of Rohby.