Monday, January 5, 2009

Amazing Bionic buildings

Anti-Smog Building, Paris. This is one of the projects from Vincent Callebaut, a young French architect who is making some serious waves in the world of bionic architecture. It’s a mixed-use building, erected over abandoned railroad tracks in ParisParis and turn it into useful recycled energy resources. A natural lagoon, as well as a rooftop view of Paris are both bonuses that make people want to spend time in this eco-friendly building. and is designed using green technologies that actually suck the smog from the streets of Paris.

The Ascent at Roebling Bridge, Cincinnati, USA. This building was constructed by Daniel Libeskind, an architect best known for winning the Masterplan competition to rebuild the World Trade Center in New York City. This building isn’t of quite such historic importance, but it reflects the architect’s goals in relation to bionic architecture. The sloping crescent roof takes design cues from the natural environment and also offer residents of the building an uncluttered view of the city. The natural tones of the building were specifically chosen to reflect the earth and sky of the area.

Bionic Tower, Shanghai. The plans for this building started in 1997. Notwithstanding this, it took some time to overcome the challenges faced by technology with early bionic architecture. In essence, this tower is intended to be a vertical city; an eco-city in which all of the needs of the people could be met by the building itself. Shanghai has been the city most interested in taking on this project, yet it isn’t clear whether it will ever move out of just the concept phase.