Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pedal The Movie About 1990s Bike Messengers in NYC

I'm not sure how, but Youtube user espy has managed to fit the whole documentary 'Pedal' (52min. long) onto one Youtube vid. Being slap-bang in the middle of the London fixed gear bike revolution, (I work on Brick Lane, London!) I was very interested to see the origins of this incredibly fast growing trend. Pedal, directed by Peter Sutherland, allows you access into to the world of the New York City Bike Messengers in the 1990's. There are many candid interviews with riders who have that classic 'ride for life' ethos. Just like any sub-culture vids to come out of NY, the messengers are so confident and full of themsleves that it actually makes for entertaining viewing! "Yo, I'm number one in New York, I'm the fastest here and ain't nobody gonna take that from me!" etc etc.

What I did learn from this movie straight away was that their life isn't glamorous at all and they have to work damn hard in a hell-ish environment, constantly evading cars, taxis, trucks and people while at the same time, trying to deliver packages on time.

Traffic is their enemy and so are the cops. Injuries and death are a regular occurrence for these guys and girls, who earn a pretty low wage considering the stress that they have to put up with. Clocking in at 50 min. long, this vid was a really interestng watch as it gave me an insight into a world that I knew existed, but had no idea of its inner workings. If you like bikes, BMXes etc. then I highly recommend checking this video out.

Pedal (2001) Directed by Peter Sutherland (Full 52 min Version!)

Thanks to Are One (Die Looted)for the heads up!