Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Inauguration By Benjamin Shine

I just received an email from an old friend of mine, Benjamin Shine, who has been working on something special for America's Inauguration Day:

'Changing States', Single retired cotton US flag woven through mesh, 4ft x 6ft

"The piece was constructed from an old worn out US flag. I ripped it up into shreds and re-wove the pieces into his image, retaining the original shape of the flag and using only the red, white and blue fabric that was available within the single flag."

"Since then, Barnes and Noble have selected the piece as their official Inauguration image for their commemorative range of product throughout the US but more importantly The Museum of Arts and Design in New York are unveiling the original portrait on Inauguration Day (Tuesday 20th Jan) and also stocking the products in their store."

Well done to a Brit for making such an 'important' piece of art for America on the eve of a very historic day next week!

See more of Benjamin's work HERE.