Sunday, January 4, 2009

UK Adapta January 09 Update

Zaha Hadid is probably one of the most impressive architectural offices around the world. It is very well known - even her name has become a brand name as well. I'm one of her associates and I am usually one of the projects directors, overlooking and running a number of projects.

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"In 1992 I began to combine stencils with my freehand work which allowed me to juxtapose almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles. Stencils introduce an impact element to my work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow me to take an image from anywhere - dissect any part of life - and recreate it on any surface."

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UK Adapta covered Evil Nine, for their new album, ''They Live!'' launch party where the band all slapped on makeup as zombies! They say the album is zombie-based and it was a special treat for Halloween night. The album features collaborations with a bunch of big-time artists as well as their out of the box mixture of sounds, shows their broad interest in various kinds of music. We sneaked into the backstage and found out...

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Born in 1977 in Brussels, Christian moved to Antwerp in 1996 to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.After graduating in 2000 he is the laureate of the leading competition for young designers ''Festival de Hyeres'', where he wins the Grand Prix and start selling his collection to stores like Colette, Via Bus Stop and Henri Bendel. After working for Dries Van Noten in Antwerp and Angelo Tarlazzi in Paris, he launched his own brand 2003. He draws inspiration from surrealism, dada and African folk art and is especially praised for his knitwear research and for his feminine and poetic style.

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Here at UK Adapta, we have always had the goal of trying to bridge the gap between Europe & Asia and it seemed that 2008 was our destined year. We teamed up with a long established art gallery in Hong Kong (Schoeni Gallery), found ourselves a generous event sponsor (Diesel) and thus created what is now known as the Adapta Gallery. Our first aim was to show the Asian art market a glimpse into the excitement and interest that the UK art market has shown towards 21st century contemporary art. We picked five UK-based artists who we thought best represented the various styles and aesthetics that the UK art-scene has become internationally known for. Luckily for us, all our first choice artists eagerly agreed to work with Adapta Gallery and so our story began…...

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