Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arm Wrestling Mania

Saw this on Metro and thought I'd share it:
"Three people have been hurt after taking on an arm-wrestling machine.
The overenthusiastic players broke their arms after challenging the mechanised limb in Japan.
Atlus, distributor of the Arm Spirit, said yesterday that it would recall its product from arcades.
'We think that maybe some players get overexcited and twist their arms in an unnatural way,' a spokesman said.
Players of Arm Spirit advance through ten levels, battling a French maid, drunken martial arts master and a chihuahua dog before reaching the final showdown with a professional wrestler."
The arcade machine is not distributed overseas, and probably won't be! I mean seriously, how do expect to win an arm-wrestling match against a machine? I'd rather take my chances with the Knife.Hand.Chop Bot!

Photos& Words: & AP