Thursday, August 2, 2007

Its time to get Physical!...Well sort of!

Well well well. VideoGames inspiring and creating physical activity eh? I'm sure there's a bunch of you saying.."derrrrr...Nintendo's Wii console"..right..but this seems more important than the Wii.

Every generation has their memories of particular toys from their childhoods. Action Man figurines were among mine. But this generation, who'll be tugging at Mums dress with teary eyes cos they want one of these cycles so bad, will have a memory which cements videogaming culture in their brain, in conjunction with it's purpose as an exercise bike. Brilliant!!!

Britain has one of the highest levels of child obesity in Europe. If a simple toy like this, aimed at the next generations child, can encourage exercise as a regular and fun past-time, then i say crack out the USB Multi-Gym!!!

Perhaps this is gonna be the first generation who enjoy videogames without excessive weight gain. Maybe it'll even encourage them to discover the world around them on a vehicle that moves.

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Photo from Fisher Price