Wednesday, August 1, 2007

PHESP Music Review


MUSIC- Some new ideas for all you music addicts out there PHESP is checking out a few names you probably would have heard of. It's no surprise that ESPers are into their loud tunes and hard rocking bands as much as their trippy electro, downbeat, triphop, ninja/bigdada, DnB, etc, etc... tell us what you think!

Listening to - N.I.N. - Year Zero

Thankfully, Hong Kong sees the famed industrial rock/electro band on Sep13, at the Asia World Expo, tickets HK$580, all standing. Hopefully front man Trent Reznor will rock the Cantonese crews out of their minds and inspire people over here to buy/download decent music other then Canto Pop for a change (seriously, drives me crazy)...
A good album in all, allot softer then Downward Spiral and other earlier albums, but a worthy buy, or download... do people still buy at all?

Just finished - Seven Dust - Alpha

A sweet NuMetal album, definitely not their hardest release but satisfying all the same unless DeathMetal is more your thing, then this album is quite pussy really. Great distorted crunchy guitars, in your face singing with nice backing vocals e.g. screaming.. choruses are a little lighter and melodic but all in all, a good album.

Am interested in - Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning

Legendary Grunge band front man Chris Cornell, from Sound Garden and now singing for Audio Slave (guitarist, bassist, drummer from Rage Against the Machine), releases his first solo album. If you've heard allot of the recent Audio Slave albums (kicks ass) then you'd probably find the solo album a bit tame. A chilled acoustic escape from digital distorted mayhem and well worth a listening, but tame all the same.