Saturday, August 18, 2007

Luxury Submarines

What do you get a millionaire who has almost everything? How about a nice luxury submersible? These can range from a two-seater exploration sub up to a 65metre juggernaut.

The Phoenix 100

This is what Born Rich had to say about it:
"In a world of $100-million mega yachts, U.S. Submarines crowning glory is the Phoenix 1000, which has 5,000 square feet of interior space on four levels and can dive up to 1,000 feet. Customizable to the customer’s specific requirements, the only difference between this and a full-on megayacht would be the view for the truly intrepid undersea adventurer. The Phoenix is supplied with a docking mini-sub that can take passengers to an extreme 2000 feet below the surface. The clients can get their submarines done as they wish, with Jacuzzis, gyms, wine cellars and up to 10 bedrooms. They could even go for a basketball court, which would win the trophy of being the world’s most expensive basketball court!

At an estimated cost of US$80 million, the Phoenix 1000 costs as much as the largest mega yachts in the world, and would take about 3 years to build. Not something one picks up over the weekend. Therefore, if you have all that money, you can have the experience worth paying for. The owner can hire a crew from the sub manufacturer, or be on the helm himself."

Thanks to Bornrich for the Post
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