Wednesday, August 1, 2007

PHESP Reviews


ESPv is as much about showcasing the many (and there are lots) cool aspects of art, music, culture, life etc, as it is about giving actual opinions on why we may like/dislike something, inviting discussion and trading perceptions.
PHESP.Reviews is a random feature, new to the ESPv Blog and aims to simply review this, that and the other. It's also about letting you know about something, an album release we think is cool, something in the news we thought sucked (not allot of 'happy' news out there), checking out or comparing toys, or just talking about why we thought the new Harry Potter book sucked balls. Although the reviews are thrown together by PHilfy from ESPv (PHESP), allot of the content is based on things the crew are into and think is worth a quick mention.
If you like something, think we should chat about something, then email us at the blog address or email PHilfy on If you thought a review seriously sucked, was way out of line, rude or distasteful then... email Selph.
Nice one.