Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Touch Me!

This is an AMAZING video showing experimentation with multi-touch screen technology! I particularly like the section with what look like turntables...the future DJ's tool? I can just see this technology used to incredible effect at live music shows where the music and musician can actually create stunning visuals while they play their instruments. They might even be able to program notes with specific images so that repetitive and cognitive messages can be directed through the music not only through aural but visual stimulation as well.

I love this kind of technology because it feels like we are learning to breakdown the rules of nature and twist its abilities to our purpose. Should this type of technology become a part of everyday life I often wonder how it may effect the workings of our own brains, even our evolution as a species. the vid says..this is from 2006... so by the time this gets into the shops...just imagine what they'll be working on by then? GASP!!!!

Video posted by arthckr on YouTube.