Thursday, August 23, 2007


That's right folks. Welcome to our first ever TOY giveaway "TAMOTASTIC", in association with Crazy Label.

The boys at ESPV have been hard at work to bring you 4 custom TAMO, to be won individually over the next 4 months.

AND...even if you don't scoop any of the TAMOS, you'll still have a chance to win a stunning new 2nd Birthday Treeson box Set by CRAZY LABEL!!! WOOOOOOOW!!!!!

To enter, simply leave a comment and your email in this blog post and we'll randomly select a winner at the end of each month! The eventual prize draw for the Treeson will take place after all 4 ESPV TAMO have been won, with the winner announced in conjunction with that of the final ESPV TAMO.

You may enter only once for each monthly ESPV TAMO give-away. You have to enter at least one of the TAMO giveaways in order to qualify for the Treeson prize-draw.

The Winner(s) must reply to our notification of victory within 72 hours of it's despatch.

Goodluck everyone!