Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Black Book Doodles


Black book doodles..

I was flicking through ye old black book doodles recently and aside from realizing I need to be drawing more these days, I noticed something reoccurring and disturbing. For some reason, whenever I try and draw a simple portrait picture I end up with an evil looking monster and mean looking faces? It’s kinda interesting how you set out to do one thing, influenced and inspired by certain aspects and elements you see/experience, and end up with something totally different.

I was really into portraits and illustrations of everyday people in graffiti/streetart/etc.. but with this in mind, would end up creating line drawings that look almost tribal or tattoo styled.. go figure? Johnathan Davis, front man for the band Korn, once said he listened to hip-hop way more then metal and didn’t actually listen much heavy tunes at all… his favorites bands used to be Duran Duran and the Cure… interesting considering the band’s sound/style over the years.

It’s weird when you’re designing for a project you often stick close to the brief but when doodling in your sketch/black books things often turn out quite unexpectedly. Is this a good thing? Happy accidents can’t be all bad right?