Monday, August 20, 2007

Knife Hand Chop Bot

Remember that seminal scene in the movie "Alien" when Bishop, the cyborg, plays the knife-hand-chop game with a poor human's hand? Well, once again, a futuristic vision of the past has been created in the present. This Robot is equipped with a knife that the Machine uses to stimulate the test of courage. The User puts his/her hand into the Machine and starts the knife game at the push of a button. The knife starts to hit the space between the fingers, first slowly then continually getting faster. The Machine knows where to chop by receiving signals of a sensor that guides the knife to the place between the fingers.

Electric contacts are mounted on the support block of the Machine, where the hand is situated. These contacts are activated as soon as the first "nervous sweat" appears that turns the skin into a conductor. Subsequently the computer becomes disturbed by the electric current that is now transmitted via the skin.

Woud you give it a go? Check the video and see....

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